His City


his city

Published by David

Mexico City is the largest city in North America with over 21 million people and considered to be the most important political, cultural, educational, and financial center in Mexico and one of the alpha cities in North America. The City has reinvented itself over many times but its past is never fully buried. Full of history, but at the same time modern and diverse Mexico City is a City of contrast where you can see the best of the best and the worst of the worst. It is beautiful, difficult, chaotic, and inspiring all at once. Mexico City has gone through many tragedies but the people have learned to get up time after time. Passionate, courageous, and devoted, the people of Mexico City are beautiful, but at the same time broken, weary, and in need of a loving Savior who is able to bring reconciliation and transformation. Jesus is the only one that can bring hope to a city who desperately needs to know that they are loved by God and in Him there is life. Our prayer is that we will be His hands and feet who will take the good news of Christ to every people in Mexico City and that through our lives burning for Christ, He will revive the hearts of the people in Mexico City.