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After many days of praying, fasting, being in the Word, and asking for wise counsel, we have made the decision to take a big step of faith for Brasas Mexico. We decided to start the first connect group on September 6th, 2019! Praise the Lord!

We will be opening our home, and going over an 11-week study on the book of 1st John. Why 1st John? Because one of the things that we want to do is to connect people with Jesus, and that only happens when we have fellowship with Him.


Before we even dream and think about having a launch service or finding a building for Brasas, we believe that God has called us to make disciples first and as we do that He will grow it into the building of His church. Our hope and prayer is that throughout this 11-week bible study, God will place the right people who will make up Brasas in order to fulfill the great commission.


We would like to ask you to pledge to pray. This can only happen through the prayers of God’s people! Our neighborhood is in so much darkness and they don’t even know it. As we walk around, get to know the people, and get involved in their lives, we are getting a glimpse of the darkness that is in this area. One of the things that God has laid on our hearts is to pick 5 neighborhoods and intentionally intercede for them starting with our neighborhood Condesa and taking it one neighborhood at a time so God can rekindle a fire through Brasas that will extend in Condesa and the neighborhoods surrounding us.

The strategy for prayer:

1.     We will showcase a total of 5 neighborhoods that God has laid on our hearts so we can pray, intercede, and see the fruits of the prayers.

2.     We will write a small description of each neighborhood.

3.     We will share the prayer needs of the neighborhood that we are showcasing each month.

4.     We will walk by faith and wait for God to do the impossible.

5.     We will share with you the fruits of the prayers for God’s glory.



Where we live and where we will have our first connect group.

Description: Community composed mainly of free thinkers and philosophers who are either atheist or open to spirituality.



Neighborhood East to Condesa

Description: Community composed mainly of humanism and new age who are open to spirituality but with liberals’ ideas.



Neighborhood East of Roma

Description: One of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Mexico City know for high crime and violence.



Neighborhood North of Condesa

Description: One of the most liberal neighborhoods in Mexico where the LGBT community mostly resides and is one of the most important financial sectors in Mexico.



Neighborhood North West of Condesa.

Description: One of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Mexico where most foreigners live and wealthy people of Mexico City live.




Description: Community composed mainly of free thinkers and philosophers who are either atheist or open to spirituality.

Prayer needs:

For God to awaken a hunger for his Word in Condesa.

For God to shine the light of the Gospel in their minds so they can believe.

For God to prepare us to be ready to give reason for our faith.


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We appreciate and are beyond blessed by all the prayer and support we and the church plant gets!