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Thank you so much for those that came last Sunday and were part of such a special day for Samantha and I. We were able to share the heart behind the Church Plant in Mexico City with our friends and family, personally I was really nervous because everything in this church plant will be a step of faith, but at the same time I was thankful for the people that came and supported us.
Our hope for these interest meetings are to share the heart of the church plant and give the opportunity for people to respond to the calling of God, to partner with us in prayer, financially, or going with us. We believe that God called us to church plant in Mexico City, but it won’t be done with just Sami and I. Our heart and belief is that God will raise a core team of believers who will send us and walk with us through this journey.
We have seen the faithfulness of God in many ways, He has stirred people’s heart to come alongside us in prayer, we need the presence and power of God in this journey and having a core group that will be interceding for us and the church plant will be such a blessing that we will cherish. 
We have seen the hand of provision in this Journey. God has stirred the hearts of people to give one time or monthly to the church plant and we are so blessed because we are solely relying on the provision of the Lord as we focus on the church plant, 100%. 
We have seen that the family He will take to Mexico City to Church Plant is starting to grow. God has been stirring the hearts of other families and individuals to go with us and we are beyond blessed and thankful knowing that He is faithful until the end.
If you are stirred to partner with us in any way please feel free to contact us, or go to our partner page. We would love to talk to you or meet up with you. We are having a 2nd interest meeting February 17th in the Chapel at 1PM and we hope to see you there! 
God bless!