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My First Trip To Mexico City

Published by Sami


David and I took our first trip to Mexico City together in November and before going, I wasn’t really too sure about our move to Mexico City. David had been a few times before with work and I told him I really wanted to see it before we made our move. David had shown me pictures and videos of Mexico City leading up to our trip and I have to tell you, it was not what I had expected it to look like and was getting me excited to visit.


We got the cutest one bedroom Airbnb with a secluded patio in an area called Condesa, a very modern and young area of the city with lots of cute restaurants and coffee shops. We spent the week walking around, visiting coffee shops, museums, yummy restaurants, and even a 100% dedicated Gluten Free bakery/restaurant which I was super excited about because I have Celiacs Disease.

IMG_4133 2.JPG

Mexico City was not like I had expected it to look like. It is very urban, green, modern, and has so much to do! It is very diverse, people there are intelligent and creative, there are beautiful parks and streets that look a lot like Chicago (one of my favorite cities ever!), and all over it is just like New York of Mexico!


Our trip to Mexico City got me excited to go and a little bit more comfortable with the idea of moving and doing life there! If you haven’t read our “About” page make sure to head there next to hear about our exciting plans to move and plant a church in Mexico City! You can also watch our Mexico City Vlog HERE